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Live animal export

"The Government must accept that current animal welfare standards don’t and can’t meet reasonable animal welfare conditions nor community expectations."

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Private health insurance

"Insurance premiums have skyrocketed by 27 per cent under the Coalition Government. Australian families are paying an average $1,000 more a year for their private health insurance than they were in 2013."

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Protecting the right for charities to advocate

"The charity sector is among the most trusted in Australia and I, along with the vast majority of Australians, strongly support the right of charities to advocate on policy."

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Labor commits to renewables

19 December 2018

Our energy plan will: Invest in more renewable energy End the power privatisation mess Stop over charging by power companies Future proof our energy network Plan the transition to renewables by supporting a just transition for workers Labor will open up access to renewable energy for households currently cut out of the solar revolution – like renters, apartment, and public housing tenants – through our $100 million Neighbourhood Renewabl...

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