June 21, 2021

As this government is tearing itself apart, the health system in my region is being torn apart. I have four-year-old children waiting four years to get grommet surgery in our public hospitals thanks to a dud state government. We've got this government cutting the bulk-billing incentive payment to my local GPs, which means my local GP surgeries are going from bulk-billing 80 per cent of their patients to 20 per cent of their patients. This is a dramatic attack on the core element of Medicare, which is bulk-billing for everyone who needs it. On top of that, their cuts to Medicare Benefits Schedule payments mean that, according to the Australian Medical Association and the Grattan Institute, you will pay more for surgeries thanks to this government's actions. We've got an attack on public hospitals by the state government, we've got attacks on bulk-billing by this government, we've got attacks on surgery by this government, and what is this government doing about it? Nothing but trying to tear down Medicare, because they've been opposed to it from day one.

I urge this government to stop focusing on itself, stop focusing on petty ambitions and pay rises and start looking after the health of my constituents and that of the constituents of every MP in this place. Health must be the bedrock of a civilised society, but this government doesn't give a fig about it. All they care about is tearing each other down. They need to be focused on the Australian people for once.