Media Releases


May 12, 2022

An Albanese Labor Government will partner with the University of Newcastle to build a new facility to test and invent solutions to global challenges when it comes to the use of hydrogen and other new energy industries.

The Hunter has a proud history in the resources sector, and we know its future can be proud and resource-rich too.

With its skilled workforce, abundant resources, industrial expertise and rail and port infrastructure, the Hunter region is poised to take full advantage of the energy industries.

The one link still missing is the testing facilities with the settings, equipment and scale to problem solve and invent solutions – including hydrogen storage, compression and dispensing capabilities – as well as to enable training pathways in new energy industries.

That is why an Albanese Labor Government will invest $16 million in the University of Newcastle to provide the enabling industrial scale infrastructure needed to get a New Energy Skills Hub off the ground.

The skills, techniques and technologies developed by this project will enable local industry – including hydrogen investments at the Port of Newcastle – to grow to their fullest potential.

Newcastle and the Hunter – having powered our nation for generations – are ideally placed to become a renewable energy superpower, delivering power long into the future. Labor has the vision and plans to ensure we seize this moment.

Only an Albanese Labor Government will partner with local industry and universities to deliver the skills of the future to Newcastle and the Hunter.

Quotes attributable to Chris Bowen, Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy:

“For generations, Australia’s highly skilled energy workers have kept the lights on at home, and exported energy to the world.

“An Albanese Labor Government will ensure that remains the case with investments like this, and by ending the Liberals’ energy policy chaos.”

 Quotes attributable to Catherine King, Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development:

“This is a prime example of what good, targeted infrastructure investments can do.

“This investment will lead to new jobs, skills and technologies to drive forward the next generation of energy jobs.”

Quotes attributable to Pat Conroy, Member for Shortland:

“Australia can be a clean energy superpower. Only a Labor Government can deliver that with the potential of tens of thousands of new jobs for the Hunter.

Quotes attributable to Dan Repacholi, Candidate for Hunter:

“The Hunter has powered Australia for generations.

“Investments like this mean that local workers will have secure local jobs for generations to come.”

Quotes attributable to Sharon Claydon, Member for Newcastle:

“Newcastle has long been a centre of industry, innovation and education.

“Investments like this mean that our region can drive forward the next generation of growth.”

 Quotes attributable to Meryl Swanson, Member for Paterson:

“Our region has the potential to lead the world in new energy. To reach our potential though, we need investments like this.

“This is a big win for our community.”