Media Releases


October 21, 2021

Lucy Wicks and the rest of the Morrison-Joyce Government has turned its back on people up and down the NSW coast by refusing to suspend Standing Orders in the House of Representatives to allow a debate and vote on the STOP PEP-11 bill.

In April this year, the Prime Minister visited the Hunter and declared he was against PEP-11.

That same month, the Member for Robertson, Lucy Wicks said “Under a Morrison Government, PEP-11 will not go ahead... I am saying no to PEP-11. The Prime Minister is saying no to PEP-11”.

Today was an opportunity for the Member for Robertson to put her money where her mouth is.

Instead she said yes to PEP-11 by voting alongside the rest of the Morrison-Joyce Government to stop Parliament considering this Private Members Bill that would have stopped this risky project once and for all.

Just like their position on net zero emissions by 2050, this Government says one thing to their constituents and does another in Parliament.

Labor has listened to our community and made it clear that we’re against PEP-11.

This is a project that would devastate our coastline, our marine life, and our local economy.

It would put our reputation as a tourist destination at risk and threaten tens of thousands of local jobs.

Australia’s future lies in clean, renewable energy not dangerous oil and gas rigs that threaten our communities.

The Minister for Resources, Keith Pitt has the final say on the future of PEP-11, and he can put an end to this project with the stroke of a pen, today.

The current licence expired on 12 February, 251 days ago.

At the time, he said he’d “prefer the decision was made soon”, but we have heard crickets from him since then.

The Morrison-Joyce Government has failed to listen to our community and do what’s right by them by saying no to PEP-11 once and for all.