Media Releases


January 21, 2020

Labor supports the urgent plea by four of Australia’s leading international aid agencies for the Morrison Government to act swiftly on the climate crisis.
World Vision, Oxfam, Plan International and Save the Children called on the Morrison Government to set more ambitious emissions reduction targets, show leadership on transitioning to a low-emissions economy, and acknowledge children face heightened risks from climate change.
The agencies wrote: “Children born today will live on a planet that is significantly more hostile if we fail to keep the global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees. We owe it to current and future generations to do everything we can to step up and be leaders of meaningful climate action.”
But there will be no surprise if this warning from aid agencies is ignored by the Morrison Government.
As will the warning from Australian business leaders that climate change will hit their bottom lines.
As will the warning from the International Monetary Fund that global warming is a major financial risk.
Scott Morrison has never taken the urgent need for action on climate change seriously and will continue to take dictation from the hard right instead of climate scientists.  
Taking action on climate change will take more than just resilience and adaptation. It needs genuine policy to reduce emissions, not accounting tricks.
Whatever this Government promises on climate change they never deliver.

They won’t meet the Kyoto commitment and they won’t meet their inadequate 2030 climate target.

The Government’s data confirms emissions will come down by only less than 5 per cent over the next 10 years, and at that rate it will take Australia 230 years to reach net zero emissions, rather than the 30 years scientists tell us is necessary. 
Mr Morrison should listen to experts across all fields instead of the right wing of his party and take urgent action to address climate change.