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October 28, 2020

Official new data confirms what people in Shortland already know – that health costs have never been higher than under Scott Morrison.

The Government’s own Health Department has revealed to the Senate that people in Shortland pay an average out-of-pocket fee of $37.23 to see a GP.

This is a record high – up $10.32 or 38% since the Liberals were elected.

The Health Department has also contradicted the Government’s claims on bulk billing, admitting that 44.5% of patients in Shortland have to pay to see a GP.

Specialist out-of-pocket fees are also at record highs, with people in Shortland paying an average $82.55 to see a specialist– up a staggering $25.52 or 45% under the Coalition.

With just 23.5% of people in Shortland always bulk billed by specialists, these costs hit thousands of locals every year.

These new figures are a damning indictment of the Coalition’s record of cuts and neglect in health.

This comes on the heels of the Government making it harder for locals to access electrocardiograms (ECGs) as well as cuts to bulk billing incentives in regional areas.

During the largest pandemic in a century, the Morrison Government has made it more expensive for people in Shortland to see their doctor.

“One of the main issues my constituents raise with me is the cost of seeing a doctor,” said Member for Shortland Pat Conroy.

“They regularly tell me that they cannot afford to see their GP anymore.

“This is a disgrace, particularly during this pandemic when the health advice is to go and see your doctor if you are feeling unwell.”

“After the Liberals tried and failed to impose a GP Tax, they introduced the Medicare freeze – a GP Tax-by-stealth,” said Shadow Health Minister Chris Bowen.

“Scott Morrison extended the freeze as Treasurer, leading directly to the out-of-pocket costs that people in Shortland face today”, he said. 

Health costs have never been higher than under Scott Morrison.