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August 26, 2020

People living in the Hunter and Central Coast will see the end of daily letter deliveries and letters sent within NSW delivery times pushed out to at least a full seven days because of Scott Morrison’s Australia Post cuts.

This week in Parliament, the Government locked in plans which will see deliveries in the Hunter region reduced in frequency from daily to every two or three days until at least June 2021, however Labor is concerned the changes will become permanent.

Intrastate letters will now take a minimum of seven full days to arrive, up from a previous minimum of three business days.

Having mail delivered five days a week meant posties could deliver parcels everyday as well.

Because of these service cuts, delivery timeframes for small to medium sized parcels could also be delayed.

Labor had moved to disallow the Government’s changes.

Sadly, the Government was supported in the Senate vote by Pauline Hanson, Malcolm Roberts and Stirling Griff, locking in the delayed delivery times for local residents and businesses.

It’s up to the Government to explain why grandchildren in the Hunter and Central Coast will have to wait longer to get a birthday card from their grandparents on the North Coast.

It’s up to all those who voted to support the delayed delivery times to tell small businesses across the region why it’s a good idea that their invoices will take longer to land in customers’ inboxes.

Labor understands that the Hunter and Central Coast’s residents shouldn’t be treated as second class citizens.