Around the world, different governments are starting to put in place arrangements that would only allow access to venues and events to people who can prove they’ve been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. That is a debate that will happen in due course here in Australia, however we can’t have it until we have more Australians vaccinated.

As Labor’s Shadow Minister for Health recently said, “we're not yet in a position to introduce some of the systems we are seeing develop around the world. I think Australians would expect that the Prime Minister would give them the chance to get vaccinated before we start to see restrictions placed on people simply because their Government has not given them the opportunity to get vaccinated. In time, though, I expect we will see a mature, reasoned debate in Australia, about opportunities for people who have been able to get vaccinated to start to see life return to normal. But at the moment, Australians aren't given the chance to do that, because Scott Morrison failed in his job to give them the supply they need.”

Labor will continue to take the advice of Australia’s Chief Medical Officers regarding both the COVID-19 vaccines and Australia’s borders. However debating the issue of vaccine passports and putting restrictions on people should be held off until everyone has had access to a vaccine. That's still months away because Scott Morrison was so slow in securing enough vaccines. Labor’s priority is ensuring everyone who wants the vaccine can get access to it.