Climate change

Labor is the only party of government that is committed to real action on climate change.

Strong climate action is needed, not only to protect the prosperity of future generations of Australians and to meet our international obligations under the Paris climate change Accords, but also to deliver prosperity today by modernising our economy and adapting to inevitable climate impacts.

After the disappointing result of the 2019 election, it is natural and necessary that Labor review all our policies taken to the 2019 election, but this review will not change the values that motivate and underpin our commitment to real climate action.

Labor’s approach to climate change policy will continue to be guided by the best science available, and be underpinned by Labor values of equity and fairness. Our approach will focus on the development of policies that will not only cut pollution, but ensure we maximise the jobs and economic opportunities of modernising our economy.

In contrast, the Liberal and National parties have paid nothing more than lip service to real climate action. Their approach to climate change is best demonstrated not by their rhetoric, but by their actions, including a commitment to provide taxpayer support for coal fired power.

As a result, it is no surprise that since the repeal of Labor’s climate change laws in 2014 by the Abbott Government, Australia’s carbon pollution has risen each and every year. In addition, it should not be a surprise that Australia’s official carbon pollution projections show pollution is expected to keep rising all the way to 2030, with Australia falling 19 percent short of the Liberal’s 26 percent 2030 pollution reduction target.

While the result of the 2019 election was disappointing for those seeking serious action on climate change, Labor will not walk away from the crucial task of tackling climate change and delivering a prosperous and sustainable Australia to future generation.