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Powering Communities Program

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The Powering Communities Program will provide $10.2 million in grants to help not-for-profit community organisations reduce energy use, improve energy productivity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

The program aims to save energy and reduce power bills through:

  • Upgrading equipment to reduce energy consumption
  • Undertaking energy management activities and assessments, such as energy systems assessments and feasibility studies 
  • Investing in energy monitoring and management systems 
  • Investing in on-site renewable energy and solar-connected batteries 


Up to $67,700 is available to fund up to 12 projects in each Federal electorate. The minimum grant amount is $5,000, and the maximum grant amount is $12,000. 

What type of projects may be funded?

The program funds small projects to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy use. The following projects are a guide to types of suitable projects.

  • Energy generation and storage projects including solar photovoltaic panels and battery storage
  • New split system air conditioners to replace some older types of units
  • Bathroom and kitchen hot water heaters
  • Replacement of non-LED lighting with LED lighting controls
  • Upgrades for air conditioning and lighting appliances including induction cook-tops and commercial refrigeration
  • Other activities including energy audits and measuring equipment.

It is compulsory to read the guidelines of the Powering Communities program.

It is recommend that you choose CEC-approved retailers. CEC approved retailers are signatories to the CEC Solar Retailer Code of Conduct.

It is recommend that you choose suppliers and products that participate in the Solar Panel Validation Initiative. The Solar Panel Validation initiative aims to give consumers a way to check that the panels are backed by manufacturer warranties and meet Australian Standards for quality and performance. You should ask your retailer about this when you obtain your quote.

New heat pumps and solar water heaters must be listed on the Clean Energy Regulator website.